Wearing a perfectly fitting garment is one of life’s great pleasures – we walk down the aisle in them, we apply for jobs in them, we sometimes even debate in them. 

Greater personalization and customization of apparel will be much more attainable in the future, but in order to get there, a lot needs to change in the way apparel is sold, specified, manufactured, and delivered.

The first step in this transformation is removing inefficiencies in conventional apparel design workflows and increasing the capacity of technical apparel designers. With greater capacity, they can lead the migration of their industry to mass customization and lean apparel production.

Shimmy is the passport to this future state. It’s a suite of graceful, data-centric technologies that use automation, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR) to accelerate conventional technical design workflows now and make customization of apparel a near-term reality.

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